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Vegan Aminos – What is the best vegan aminos?

The Unique Diet

Vegans eat a unique diet. It is void of dairy, eggs, fish and of course all meats. While this style of eating may have health benefits, vegans are prone to certain nutritional deficiencies, the most common being iron. Along with the mineral iron, there are specific amino acids (essential acids the body requires to be eaten in the diet) that vegans are often deficient in and in some cases, this leads to a vegan amino acid deficiency.

This raises the question: what is the best vegan amino acid supplement? They can’t consume a whey protein because despite this have nearly all the amino acids in them; vegans do not consume dairy in any form. And forget about egg proteins or casein. These foods are also off the vegan list. And collagen protein is derived from animal products also. This leaves the vegan with fewer options than their omnivore brothers and sisters.

What is the best Vegan Aminos?

As mentioned, choices for vegans are limited, until now. ATP Science Vegan Aminos contains all the amino acids that vegans need. Top of the list is hydroxyproline. Hydroxyproline is essential for the building of collagen, which makes up a considerable percentage of the body. Without this essential amino acid, the connective tissue in the individual will breakdown, causing muscle weakness, reduced recovery and even cellulite.

The branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) leucine, isoleucine, and valine are also deficient in a vegan diet. These unique amino acids are potent stimulators of muscle growth and are pretty much a staple of anyone trying to build muscle or tone up. Interestingly, all BCAAs are not created equally. Most BCAAs are made from feathers, blood or animal skin. ATP Science Vegan Aminos break this mold. We use (strangely) vegan sourced amino acids.

Can vegans get all essential amino acids?

Simply put, no they can’t. Apart from the previously mentioned amino acids, vegans don’t find taurine in their diet. And while in this case, the body can make some taurine, in certain conditions, we can’t make enough of it. ATP Science has included amino acids like taurine that bolster the vegan’s amino acid pool. In nature, ‘vegan’ animals like horses and cows aren’t vegans.

These animals eat copious amounts of grass and amongst the grass are all sorts of ants, bugs, and critters. This bolsters their amino acid mix, along with the amino acids in the grass, etc. Human vegans don’t usually eat insects. Sure, some might accidentally, but not in the amount that the vegan animals like cows and horses eat. Thus, vegans (human vegans to be specifically) need to supplement with vegan aminos specially formulated for vegans.

The take-home message

Everybody has different needs, based on their genetics and diets. Of course, we can’t choose our genetics, but we can change our diets. If you have deficiencies in your diet, correct them through your diet but, if you are a vegan for reasons that make it difficult for you to change your diet, then consider supplementing with ATP Science Vegan Aminos.

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